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Algea Fert products ensure plants with extra protection and productivity. They have 5 principle effects on:


-Immune system 






Immune system

Regular applications to the foliage of pants induce Localized Acquired Resistance (LAR) against a range of fungi, bacteria and viruses; there are indications that this effect may also be systemic.

Applications also improve the plant’s ability to withstand certain levels of environmental stresses and may reduce the attacks and flare-up of sap-sucking insect pests on the plants.



Applied to plants that can acclimatize to the cold, seaweed extract initiates or speeds up the acclimatization process even when the plant is not subjected to a cold stress.

This allows plants to tolerate greater levels of coldness, reducing the amount of damage.



The complex range of compounds found within our seaweed extracts can help reduce nematode damage.

This includes a reduction in hatch and a disorientation or simple “burn-out” or immature nematodes, minimizing root penetration.



Foliar application of our seaweed extract will result in greater maintenance of chlorophyll, leading to greener plants.

This is, in part, due to a complex family of different betaines in the seaweed extract, which help reduce natural damage to the photosynthetic process.



Specific carbohydrates in our seaweed extracts serve as a source of food for beneficial and benign soil bacteria, resulting in a large increase in microbe numbers.

These microbes produce plant growth stimulating compounds that encourage root growth and a significantly larger root mass. The increased bacterial population can also booth physically exclude and compete with potential plant pathogenic soil fungi.


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