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Improve soil structure

When applied to the soil, AlgeaFert improves its structure and the degree of moisture in the ground, allowing a better root growth.


Improve the resistance against environmental stress

Several scientific researchers attest the positive effect of seaweed extract on plant physiology, promoting a greater resistance to environmental stress and to cold in particular, called Hardening. AlgeaFert products also help with the storing of chlorophyll in the plant and, as a result, support the photosynthetic process and biomass production.


Enhance plant growth and productivity

The use of AlgeaFert in fertilizers for root application can help the root system, increasing significantly its volume, the formation of lateral roots and the uptake of nutrients, thus stimulating plant growth and vigour. Thanks also to an improved stress resistance, plants get more productive and flourishing, enhancing harvestable yield.


Little and Often approach

AlgeaFert ingredients, in special fertilisers, help to achieve improved results when used in small and repeated doses. Single applications tend to decrease their effects in time, while sequential, steady treatments help to increase results year after year.

When a plant is more resistant to environmental stress, with a more efficient photosynthesis process and with a better root system, it becomes more productive and flourishing, allowing a richer yield.





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